Boat Naming

As any sailor or boating person knows, it is important that due ceremony is undertaken for the important task of naming (or re-naming) your boat. So what better idea than to have a professional celebrant perform this special ceremony for you? I am an experienced sailor, so very comfortable performing the ceremony either on your boat or at the dock.


There are many traditional elements of a boat naming/re-naming, from inviting Neptune to be present, calling the four winds to provide safe passage, and numerous toasts to all and sundy. I can tailor a ceremony to be serious or an occasion for mirth and merriment, and will ensure that your boat is duly christened.


And did you believe that it's bad luck to re-name a boat? Well, as long as the 'due ceremony' is followed, your re-named boat should enjoy many long years of service.


Contact me to talk about options for your "Boat Naming/Re-naming".


And if you're looking for those special decals/names for your boat, visit for inspiration and ideas.